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Preparing for your new Countertops

When getting ready to replace your countertops there are a few things you can do to help us work as quickly and efficiently as possible! 

  1. Once you decide to have us come out to take measurements to give you an estimate, we would ask that you please clear off your counters for us so we can be in and out quickly without having to move your personal belongings.

  2. Once you decide on a surface, edge profile, and color option, we will also need your sink and faucet selections so we can cut and drill the necessary holes. (We can't get your job in the fabrication line until these selections have been made!)

  3. If your project is a remodel please have your personal items cleaned off of your counters on installation day so we can tear the old tops out quickly. Also, please remove all items from under your sink so we can easily get in the cabinet to disconnect the old sink!

  4. Now sit back, relax and let us make your home beautiful!

There are a few things to expect with your installation.

  1. You will need a plumber to hook up your new sink! (We are not licensed plumbers)

  2. We work in a clean and organized fashion, however in some cases cutting and sanding inside is unavoidable and could create some dust. We do clean up good before leaving your home, but you may still want to do a detailed clean-up after we leave.

  3. If you are having laminate tops installed we ask that you please remove your car from the carport since that is usually the smoothest area for us to cut our material.